Creating "Blue crystal" style frame

In this tutorial you will learn how to create beautiful crystal using knife tool and voronoi modifer in C4D. For render we will use Octane.

Tools used to create style frame

Line cut &
Close polygone hole
Tools used to create crystal model.
Line cut used to cut pieces from cube, close polygone hole used to close holes that appeared after line cut.
Can be found - Mesh -> Create tools.
Cloner &
Random effector
Used to make clones from your freshly modeled crystal to create group of crystals. To give clones a bit different look use Random effector.
Can be found - MoGraph.
Connect, Voronoi fracture &
Push apart
To give our crystal a fractured look we use Voronoi fracture, but to be able to apply this Modifyer to all clones you need to use Connect tool on them. Push apart used to create space between fractured pieces.
Voronoi fracture can be found - MoGraph.
Today we are going to create "Blue Crystal" style frame. I will show you how to create an interesting complex crystal model using just two simple tools and give it a fractured look using Voronoi fracture.

Let's create Cube object with parameters X-200 Y-750 Z-200. Make it editable. Choose Polygons mode, select Line cut. In Line cut options choose Slice mode - Remove part A. Now cut a part from Cube and use Close polygone hole to close hole that appeared after using Line cut.
Now we need to repeat these actions a few more times to create a real crystal from our Cube. To do it faster use shortcuts - M -> K (Line cut), M -> D (Close polygone hole).

Create Cloner object, put your crystal inside Cloner. In Cloner mode choose Radial, Plane XZ, other options up to you. To give your clones a bit different look use Random effector. Play with Scale and Rotation options inside Random effector.

When your group of crystals is done, it's time to create fractured effect. First of all, create a Connect object and put it inside your Cloner. Connect makes it possible to apply Voronoi fracture to all clones.

Create Voronoi fracture and put your Connect object with all clones inside it. In Creation method choose Edge Center. Don't forget to check Optimize and Close holes box in Voronoi fracture object properties. Now crystals are fractured, but to make it easier to notice we need to create some space between the pieces. Apply Push appart effector to Voronoi fracture, set strength to 3-5%.

How to create ground: create plane, deform it a bit using Sculpt and apply textures, I use RD Textures.
You can get your crystal material from Pixel Lab material pack.
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