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Timelapse about creating "plant teleporter" concept. Was thinking about these concept for a month, and made it at last.
I was thinking about this concept for a few months. The idea behind it was: Year 2130. Nature on the planet is dying because of uncontrolled gens modifying. Humans are trying to save any untouched living things. One of those things are plants and this is plant teleporter. This scout search for plants and teleport it to space station.
Model consist of dirty modelling and some kitbashing. First of all I made scout housing and scout grabs using box primitive and extrude/bevel tool. To give it more complex view - create holes using boolean tool. Wires are from kit bash set. Plant was taken from cgaxis plants set. It took a while for me to understand what kind of environment these frame need. My logic was - Ok, this is the world were plants dying from gen infection, where scout could find healthy plant? Probably areas where its hard for infections to survive and where plants are rare and not in touch with each others. I found nice snowy ground textures from RDT and HDRI thats matches pretty good to this texture and overall atmosphere.

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