Creating "Organic structure" style frame

In this tutorial you will see how to create very stylish organic structure. Can be used for motion.
In this tutorial we will use a few intersting techniques. First of all we need to create form of our object, for that we gonna tear a sphere with cloth surface and turbulence simulation. Next step will be searching form for ous cells. We will use subdivision surface, iron, remove n-gons, optimize. Don't forget to make a selection, we will use it later to put different material to model. Than we use mograph function - MoExtrude to extrude cells and displcer to give more intersting form to extueded cells. After that - subdivision surface to give model organic view and applying materials step. To grow selection use U>Y. We will use materials from Octane LiveDB and PixelLab. HDRI's are from GSG.

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